The Bottom Line

I don’t charge for my time when I’m commissioned by an actor or model to do their headshots. Nor do I charge for the hours I’m on set taking production stills or making key art imagery, or working the red carpet. I charge for my 20 years experience working with models, actors, casting agents, directors, producers, publicists and celebrities. So if you’re looking for a cheap photographer you are in the wrong place.

Production Stills & Key Art

Key art and production stills photography need to be of the highest quality. They form the foundation of pre-release marketing campaigns, teasers, posters, EPKs (Electronic Press Kits) and  content for social media strategies. The most important aspect of this kind of photography, beyond capturing the shot, is experience working on and around TV & film sets from both a procedural point of view and also creating and maintaining relationships with key production personnel such as producers, director, department heads, actors, gaffers and grips. It is a gig that requires me to be part artist, technician and psychologist while staying invisible until required.

Get your people to call my people if you want to talk day rates. Kisses. Love your work!


If you think headshots are just reminder cards for casting agents or talent bookers you are dead wrong. Your headshot is the most important photograph you will ever make. It is an ad for you, and in an instant must convey your soul. Great headshots can make your phone ring off the hook. Bad headshots will have you become an expert at waiting tables.

You must think of this process as an investment in your future professional career. Your headshots will stay current for about 5 years so average the cost over that time and you can easily see the value of your investment.

Half day shoot with me: $550 and includes as many wardrobe changes that you like. I’m going to shoot hundreds of frames but you only need 10 or so headshots to show agents, directors and producers.

Makeup artist/hair stylist: $250 For women, this is mandatory and incredibly beneficial. For men, this is optional but still incredibly beneficial

Retouching: $22/image Sometimes an almost great image needs a little help; remove a stray hair, change lip colour or even eye shape. I never go over the top with retouching. And no, you can’t take the RAW files and have a ‘friend who knows PhotoShop’ to do the retouching. Your headshots are an ad for me too so I control the quality from the click to wow.

Consultation and booking: There’s no doubt for a model or actor just starting out, this can be a big investment. Let’s a have a coffee first, see how we like each other and then decide. Loving my work is one thing, getting the best out of you on the day is another. Headshots are part technical, part relationship and very important.

Terms: 50% non-refundable deposit at least three (3) days before the shoot. The balance on the day of the session. No files will be handed over in any format until the bill is paid in full. If you cancel the session inside three days you can use the deposit to rebooking the next available session.

Copyright: Remains with me. Forever. Or until the Sun starts to die and becomes either a red giant (and expands out past beyond Saturn) or a white dwarf (and potentially a black hole – that would be so cool).